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My name is W.Maduraj Fernando, You can call me Raju. I have been engagin this dolphin & whale watching feild since 2007. I am a well experienced tour guide for Dolphin & Whale watching, Snorkeling, Island tours, and Sport fishing. I try my level best to provide the best service to my clients when they tour with us. I am always concerned about your safety and satisfaction. Come and visit with me the wonderful paradise in Sri Lanka called Kalpitiya.

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Activites with Dolphin Wadiya Kalpitiya

Dolphin Wadiya provide Kalpitiya base many activities. We are well professional to provide those services. From this page you can see what other services can be taken from Dolphin Wadiya.



Snorkelling in Kalpitiya

The largest coral reef in Sri Lanka (‘Bar reef') is only an hour's boat trip from Kalpitiya. This beautiful reef is home to an incredible variety of tropical fish as well as offering sighting of manta rays, reef sharks and the occasional turtle! Diving and Snorkelling are not possible during the southwest monsoon period (May to November). The best times are therefore between late November and early May. This beautiful reef is home to an incredible variety of tropical fish as well as offering sighting of manta rays, reef sharks and the occasional turtle. With its tremendous variety of tropical fish, the colourful live coral reef is an ideal location for Snorkelling, especially because the water is so clear.

SP: Due to the wide variety of shallow dives that are possible at the Bar Reef, it is an ideal location for beginners to learn how to dive. After a first morning used as a basic introduction to diving, the 'beginners' could explore the reef in more detail, putting their training into practice.


Diving in Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers as there are plenty of reefs, ship wrecks and thousands of colourful tropical fish. Kalpitiya's marine sanctuary in the coastal area is one of the most beautiful places located in the north-west coast of Sri Lanka. There are number of shallow diving spots ranging from 14 to 18 meters in depth where you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. The Bar reef spans approximately 40 square Kilometers out of a 30750 km protected marine sanctuary by the government of Sri Lanka. The underwater currents in the seas off Kalpitiya are generally not strong, but are influenced by small tide changes of two high water and two low water tides. The underwater temperature is approximately 75°F so no wetsuits are required (but thin wetsuits could be worn to protect from any bruising from the coral. For the more serious divers who want more detailed information on the area, please refer to Nautical Map 1586 (Pamban to Cape Cormorin).

SP: All Diving activities are conducted by well trained and experienced PADI instructors to ensure your absolute safety and enjoyment.


Kite Surfing Kalpitiya

The peninsula of Kalpitiya is one of the top destinations for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. During the South-West monsoon from May to September the peninsula of Kalpitiya delivers 20 knot winds day and night, peaking around 30 knots. Blessed with a number of flat water lagoons, wave riding spots in the ocean and an archipelago of sandbanks and islands creating breathtaking sceneries. Kalpitiya is blessed with several ideal kitesurfing spots, ensuring that both beginners and advanced kiters will enjoy kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. There are two main kite surfing sites in the area, which are suitable for those that want flat water, freestyle, freeride and need instruction.

The ideal season for Kite surfing is from April till October, when you can surf all day long if you like. The rest of the year there are plenty of days that you can enjoy this exciting sport, depends on the wind of course.

SP: All Kite surfing activities and courses are conducted by well trained and experienced IKO certified kitesurfing instructor to ensure your absolute safety and enjoyment.


Wilpattu National Park Safari

Wilpattu is one of the oldest and most important national parks in Sri Lanka, also known for its fascinating leopard safari in Sri Lanka. The Wilpattu National Park hosts a myriad of spot leopards, elephants, crocodiles as well as an array of spectacular birds in a stunning and beautiful jungle setting. Set in over 100,000 hectares, the varying natural habitats from the costal belt, natural lakes, cliff tops, scrublands, open grassland and dense forest, ensures that the scenery is just as impressive as the wildlife. all the wildlife that can be seen on safari in the Wilpattu National Park two very special animals take pride of place. One is the Sri Lankan Sloth Bear which is a recognized subspecies of the Sloth Bear. The Sri Lankan Sloth Bear is an omnivorous species that relies heavily on the forest for survival. Sadly the steady decline of forests all over the island has indeed impacted this animal, resulting in the species being noted as highly threatened.

SP: 2 Hour drive from our location to Wilpattu National Park,



Bird Watching Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya lies on the migratory path of northern birds during the winter. It is an ideal location for pelagic seabirds. Flocks of Terns, Plovers and many more are regular visitors to the shores of Kalpitiya. There is a healthy population of resident birds like Sea Eagle, and many more through-out the year. Our well experienced instructors will instruct you the right direction and time to get an unforgettable bird watching experience.